Demo Chatbot

So that you can get a feel for exactly how a chatbot works we’ve made a demo…

We created a demo business called “Zohan’s Hair Salon” which has a demo website, Facebook business page and a Messenger chatbot with some of the features you’d want in a salon chatbot!

Here’s the links, feel free to go and test it all out for yourself.

  • Demo Website – This is an example “home page” which we added a slide in 10% discount offer to. If you grab the discount you’ll be subscribed to the bot.


  • Demo Facebook Business Page – This simulates a typical business Facebook fan page where subscribers can send you a message. If you click on the “Send Message” button you’ll be able to talk directly with the chatbot, use the menu and play with the features.

How to get Subscribers into Your Chatbot

On the above 2 examples you can see 2 different ways to get subscribers onto your chatbot list, there are many others including:

  • Directly from a Facebook ad using special code
  • Using a simple link, the same way you would link to anything
  • Having different versions of the “slide in” you see in the top example
  • Directly from comments on a Facebook page
  • From a scannable Messenger code (which you can use in offline print materials as well)
  • From a customer chat or directly from a bar, checkbox or offer made within some written text on your website