Why Restaurants Need Messenger Marketing Chatbots to Outgrow Competitors

Fact:- Businesses get more conversions with Messenger Marketing Chatbots than through traditional email funnels. The same applies to restaurants and coffee shops, so it makes perfect sense to check out exactly how Messenger Marketing Chatbots could multiply your profits before your competitors do.

Here are the top 3 reasons why any restaurants needs a Chatbot before their competitors find out;-

Lead generation
Every restaurant aspires for returning customers, so anyone with an android or iPhone is your potential target audience. All that is required of them is to Like the business Facebook page through a free offer promotion, whereby they have to engage with the Chatbot to get their freebie.

Menu display
Customer experience means everything, so many restaurants display the menu through the Messenger Chatbot, often speeding up the order process.

One of the best features is without a doubt the ability to make an online reservation through the Chatbot, that will also send a reminder an hour before the reservation time. The will help dramatically in reducing table cancellation rates.

The following video shares 10 great ways that a Chatbot can help out in the restaurant;-

Best Ways Chatbots Help Restaurants Outgrow Competitors;-

  • Online welcome menu
  • Food menu display
  • Opening hours display
  • Call button display
  • Restaurant directions provided
  • Make reservations
  • Send reservation details to Messenger or WhatsApp
  • Accepting credit card payment

If you are a restaurant owner or responsible for the Marketing, then it should be quite easy to see just how powerful Messenger Marketing Chatbots really are.

If you require any more information about incorporating a chatbot into your marketing plan, then do make sure you download a copy of our free report below called “Chatbots for a Better business“, and discover just how a Chatbot can literally become your best employee ever!!!