Restaurants and Chatbots, a Perfect Match

A chatbot for a local business, like a restaurant, can easily automate so many tasks it’s ridiculous. 

You no longer have to lose time manually dealing with mundane, repetitive things (like giving directions) or, more importantly, risk losing a customer because you don’t get to the phone in time to take their reservation before they hang up and call a competitor!

For this restaurant client, here’s what we did:

  • We started to “build their audience” by incorporating the chatbot on to their Facebook page, which is where they already get significant traffic. (Step 1: Build Audience)
  • We then set up the chatbot to automatically engage in “conversation” with each new Messenger chatbot subscriber (Step 2: Communicate)
  • We custom built the chatbot to deal with all the of common questions, and handle all of the repetitive tasks which restaurant owners/managers/staff have to deal with to get a new customer, including taking the actual table reservations (Step 3: Convert to Customers)

For example the bot we just built for our first restaurant client does all of these things:

  • Automatically greets visitors and offer them general information about the restaurant.
  • Take table bookings directly (which the owners confirms manually with a simple message).
  • It gives directions, linking to Google Maps.
  • Shows the menu along with photos of the dishes.
  • Shows photos of the restaurant, staff members and customers having fun!
  • Points a potential customer to the TripAdvisor reviews (which in this case are outstanding), helping convert a “potential customer” into an actual customer!
  • Allows a customer to see any reservations he has made.
  • Reminds the customer he has a booking a few hours before, to reduce “no shows”.
  • Automatically follows up the day after their reservation to say thanks for their custom and prompt them to leave a review on TripAdvisor.
  • Also follows up politely suggesting the customer likes and follows the restaurant’s Facebook page.
  • It is pre-configured to answer automatically to a whole bunch of keywords (like wifi, menu, hours, location, book, table, reserve, contact, hello, help, call, thank you and more), and recognize what the client wants and send the appropriate reply.
  • 30 minutes after the client’s table reservation the bot suggests they post a selfie to their social media and do a Facebook Check-In (all great free publicity!).
  • It asks the birthday of the diner so that it can then automatically carry out some clever “birthday” promotions, 5 days before their birthday, and of course wish them a happy birthday on the actual day.
  • We’ve even configured it to tell restaurant jokes!

Of course though the greatest advantages, in my opinion, are the following:

  1. Having a “Send a Message” call to action as well as a “Phone” call to action in any advertising means that the restaurant doesn’t miss a potential new customer simply because they weren’t able to get to the phone at that particular moment, and…
  2. The restaurant is now building a chatbot subscriber list, which is the most amazingly powerful promotional tool a business like this can have… it means they can basically fill their restaurant by running any one of a number of pre-prepared promotions by simply sending out a few Messenger broadcasts.

Here’s a 1:30 minute video of how this chatbot automatically takes a table reservation!

Are you a restaurant or bar owner (or the person responsible for the marketing)?

If this is the case then be sure to download a copy of our free report and learn how a chatbot can literally become your best ever employee!