Most Restaurants to become Completely AI-ified by 2020


This year has seen a number of new digital advances in many of the best restaurants in the world, but the good news is that all of this new technology is available for all restaurants to use.

The new restaurant apps and software currently available are the ideal tools for supporting both waiters and kitchen staff, giving them more time to attend customers in a more relaxed manner.

So what exactly is available right now? There are currently a number of different apps that support waiters to take the orders. For example, “Dining Experience Refined” is what the Menu App promises, allowing customers to;-

  • Avoid waiting times
  • Have the menu at their finger tips
  • View better Images for making better choices
  • Make simplified payments

But before all that can happen, a simplified system for taking online reservations will be required. The most effective way of doing this is by using a Facebook Messenger Chatbot, which will single-handedly;-

  • Interact naturally
  • Communicate better
  • Build a customer list
  • Automate marketing tasks
  • Build trust and nurture relationships
  • Make table reservations
  • And many more tasks that would normally take up someone´s time.

Will chatbots work for your business? In a nutshell, yes! Unless you would rather pay somebody to man the phone 24/7.

Would you like to discover how a Facebook Messenger chatbot could work for you?

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