Messenger Chatbots – How Could Your Business Benefit?

A lot of people understand that big companies like Mastercard, Coca-Cola, Pinterest, Booking, Sephora, Lyft, Spotify, Pizza Hut (and the list is growing daily) are now using chatbots. So, what if you are NOT a massive international enterprise? What if you are just a small or medium sized business? Or even a one-man band or a self-employed business? The case study below will answer that question…

Messenger Chatbots – Small Business Case Study

My wife’s cousin is a mobile hairdresser. Her business is literally herself and her smartphone, and she has a lot of personal clients! It isn’t an exaggeration to say that her phone never stops ringing or receiving messages.

Clients wanting to book, cancel or rearrange their appointments, you can imagine. It got so bad she couldn’t even actually cut a client’s hair without picking up the phone. Her life was totally controlled by her need to attend all her clients calls and messages at all times of day!

“She had no freedom and continually felt overwhelmed”

So, we had a chat and she explained her biggest business frustrations, which were;-

  • No time
  • Overwhelmed
  • Lack of organisation
  • Being a slave to her phone
  • Fear of losing clients if calls/messages not attended immediately
  • Loss of revenue from last minute cancellations

So, We built her the simplest Chatbot ever, and managed to solve all of her frustrations! Here’s what we did;-

  • Chatbot 24 hour a day availability – and happier clients!
  • The first task was to give her back a feeling of control.
  • So she now instructs all her clients to communicate only via Facebook Messenger. That means everyone gets a reply 24 hours a day from her new chatbot.
  • This means her customers always feel taken care of.
  • Her chatbot is set up to answer all the most common questions automatically, and, of course, customers can request an appointment directly or even reschedule their appointment directly using the Messenger chatbot.
  • All she now needs to do is review her Messenger once an hour or so, and confirm appointments with a quick message… and update her agenda.
  • This has allowed her to free up a few hours each day. She now feels back in control and organised.
  • We are also now looking at incorporating Calendly (an excellent appointment booking calendar app) into her chatbot as well, which would streamline things even more for her, but she says she isn’t sure about going so far automated just yet for fear of losing too much direct contact with her clients.
  • “Instantly” fill cancelled appointments with a new customer
  • The second big advantage of her chatbot solves her biggest “revenue” problem…
  • Often she had clients cancel appointments for unforeseen reasons, and she didn’t have time to organize a new client to fill that allocated time slot, which meant she lost that time.
  • Whenever this happens now, she sends out a messenger “blast” (a message to all her clients via Messenger at the same time) letting them know she has an unexpected free time slot.

So far, we have filled up 16 out of 22 time slots that were cancelled since we started. This is direct extra income, that without the chatbot would never have been recovered. For a one person business, where you trade time for money, this is really important, it was a massive issue for her.

Summary – happier clients, more free time and extra revenue!

With the simplest of chatbots we have freed up time and recovered lost income, and her clients love the fact that they are auto-attended with the chatbot. You see, it doesn’t matter if you are Mastercard or a self employed one person small business, there is a way for a chatbot to help you.

If you are a business owner or the person responsible for marketing, then make sure you download a copy of our free report below about putting Chatbots to good business use, and discover how a Chatbot can literally become your best employee ever!