Just Chatbots: The Most Effective Employee Ever


Not so long ago if our company needed an online assistant, it would just be a question of finding the appropriate candidate on Upwork. But we soon discovered that while working with someone who is in a completely different time zone and whose Internet connection is about 1G, you will always end up with problems that affect the effectiveness of customer communication.

So what are the best alternatives to cost-effective, long-distance TAs? The answer is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Chatbots have been made to reduce the communication problems that companies are facing today. The purpose of a Chatbot is to support and scale a “business team” in their relation with customers, and can be incorporated into major chat applications like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, and Text Messages.

So, What Exactly is a Chatbot Capable of?

Among numerous things possible, a Chatbot can;-

  • Welcome new users
  • Send content
  • Promote products and services
  • Answer questions
  • Provide information
  • Offer customer support
  • Make appointments
  • Take orders
  • Give directions
  • Qualify and nurture leads
  • Grow your social media followers

Why Use a Chatbot?

  • Increase business efficiency

“A chatbot is really just like having an employee, but the best employee in the world. One you can train to do pretty much everything, 24 hours a day with as many customers as you can imagine, all at the same time, without ever making a mistake, or even needing a coffee break…

…I cannot think why any business wouldn’t have one!”

Chatbot Working Example – Oscar Health Insurance

Getting an insurance quote can be a very frustrating task, so Oscar Health have built a Chatbot for their Facebook page, allowing users to respond to a few quick questions and receive their insurance quote in a matter of seconds. See how it works in the video below;-

In short, Chatbots can save businesses a huge amount of time, and significantly boost profits, while doing the work of a dedicated employee, or even several. And all of this can be done in a very human way.

If you a business owner (or person responsible for marketing), make sure you download a copy of our free report below about putting Chatbots to good business use, and discover how a Chatbot can literally become your best employee ever!