Chatbots for Restaurants – Real Case Study

One reason for us recommending Chatbots for Restaurants is that we already know how well it does work in a real live scenario. Just 6 months ago, we were asked to build a Chatbot for a restaurant in Curaçao, which was struggling to complete their reservations even during peak times.

Even-though the restaurant had a string of 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor, they weren’t getting many phone calls and often when they did, many calls were missed as well as reservations being lost due to language problems.

Six months later, things are looking at lot different for the Kas di Piskado restaurant, not only online but also as far as empty tables are concerned. Their Facebook page already has 5589 Likes, 5662 Followers along with 48 Recommendations.


Obviously a Chatbot wouldn’t be effective for a restaurant that didn’t have fresh produce or whose service wasn’t up to scratch. This particular restaurant in Curaçao only serves fresh fish straight from the sea, and such a claim can only be backed up by real 5-star reviews either on Facebook or TripAdvisor.

According to most of the reviews, the Kas di Piskado restaurant is an experience unlike any other on the island, where you get the best fish the Caribbean, direct from the fishermen’s boat, to your table. Fresher impossible!

So, once a restaurant has established a good reputation and set up an efficient communication system like a Chatbot, the table reservations will eventually take care of themselves.

In the screenshots of the restaurant Chatbot seen in this post, you can see how all of the important information needed on a website is actually incorporated by the Chatbot within the Messenger chat area.

So whether a prospect customer wants to see where the location is, to read other customers` reviews or even to make a reservation, everything is supplied by the Chatbot. But wait, there’s more!! A restaurant Chatbot can also;-

  • Automatically greet visitors and offer them general information about the restaurant.
  • Take table bookings directly (which the owner confirms manually with a simple message).
  • Give directions, linking to Google Maps.
  • Show the menu along with photos of the dishes.
  • Show photos of the restaurant, staff member and customers having fun!
  • Point a potential customer to the TripAdvisor reviews.
  • Allow a customer to see any reservations he has made.
  • Remind the customer he has a booking a few hours before, to reduce “no shows”.
  • Automatically follow up the day after their reservation to say thanks for their custom and prompt them to leave a review on TripAdvisor.
  • Also follow up politely suggesting the customer likes and follow the restaurant’s Facebook page.
  • Ask for the diner´s birthday so that it can then automatically carry out some clever future “birthday” promotions.

This restaurant in Curaçao is now building a chatbot subscriber list, which is the most amazingly powerful promotional tool a business like this can have. It means they can basically fill their restaurant (any time they choose to) by running any one of a number of pre-prepared offers or by simply sending out a Messenger broadcast. The next step for this client is to run paid Facebook advertising campaigns directly to their Messenger chatbot!

If you have a restaurant or any type of local business then you should be able to see just how powerful this is. If you want more information about incorporating a chatbot into your marketing plan, then do make sure you download a copy of our free report below called “Chatbots for a Better business“, and discover just how a Chatbot can literally become your best employee ever!!!