Bots Heading to Cause Website and App Holocaust

Wait a minute, surely there’s an error in the headline. How could Bots ever put websites and Apps out of business?

Well, the evidence is already there to suggest that this unlikely outcome will actually happen, and sooner than one might expect.

Not only will bots catch up with websites and apps, but may eventually replace websites and apps altogether.

So, what evidence is there to support this claim? Well, here are the best reasons why bots will completely replace websites and apps during the next decade…

Every business will need a Facebook Messenger Chatbot
Facebook Messenger has over 1 Billion users and growing, so your business needs to be available 24/7 for such a large potential audience. The only effective way to manage this is to employ a Chatbot with a built-in strategy to engage with prospects and customers on their messaging apps.

Chatbots will become a lot faster than websites and apps
Websites are generally slow and not always easy to navigate, and apps take up very precious space on our mobile phones. There is no need to download a Chatbot, as it’s just a question of sending a message on Messenger. Chatbot replies are almost instant, and very effective in providing the information requested.

Basically everyone is on their mobile today, so your business will need to be as well. If you only ever do one positive thing for your business, which is considered the best strategy to grow your business ever, then employ a Chatbot 24/7. It’s a marketing revolution, so don’t miss out on what could be your business’s biggest asset.

If you are a business owner or the person responsible for marketing, then do make sure you download a copy of our free report below called “Chatbots for a Better business“, and discover just how a Chatbot can literally become your best employee ever!!!