Better Communication: Priority Number 1 For Improved Marketing

The use of Facebook Messenger chatbots has risen so much so far during 2019, that it’s really worth considering why Chatbots have suddenly become so popular among Marketers and Business owners. This article will discuss many of the advantages and benefits of using Facebook Messenger chatbots for building an effective marketing communication channel with both prospect and returning customers.

The Manychat Bot

The ManyChat Bot is available for free on their website, where you can also find all the training you need to personalize a Chatbot for any target audience. Manychat are a favored Facebook partner, and by incorporating Facebook Messenger with ManyChat, it is possible to:-

  • Build an email mailing list
  • Build a Bot subscriber list (we now have a backup communication system)
  • Automate welcome and follow-up messages
  • Incorporate primary information tabs into Messenger
  • Send content, provide information and answer questions
  • Promote products and services
  • Provide a customer support service

Why have Chatbots become so popular with consumers

With the introduction of Smart Phones, we have all become so much more reliant on our cell phones for instant communication through messaging services, so much so that most people now just don´t like talking on the phone anymore. This change in consumer attitudes towards communication has pushed the doors wide open for artificial intelligence like Manychat, who offer perfectly personalized Chatbots, that can:-

  • Send out instant broadcasts as (text / images / videos)
  • Build up trust with customers
  • Increase sales
  • Work 24/7
  • Reduce operational costs

Chatbots v Email

Even though the Manychat system creates 2 subscriber lists, it’s the Chatbot Messenger service that gets customers to become more responsive, with an average 90% open rate. The Email open rate is also higher through Manychat as each email broadcast is proceeded with a Messenger broadcast which advises customers that they have an email to open, and most will. Quite honestly if your business doesn’t have a chatbot installed yet, it’s time to take action before your competitors do.

Main reasons why your business will boom with Chatbots

  • 24 hour a day availability
  • Large volumes of requests can be processed instantly
  • Business maintenance costs reduction
  • Improves customer service performance

Real live Chatbot example

UK based supermarket chain LIDL has named their Chatbot Margo, and in this video you can see just how helpful she can be for customers with questions about buying wine…

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