Are You an Information Marketer With an Email List?

One of our first chatbot clients was an information marketer. To be specific he is an expert is technical stock market analysis, and has been publishing books and selling his knowledge for 18 years.

In his specific area of technical analysis he is without doubt one of the very best.

Over the years he has sold most of his books via traditional “offline” methods, and it is only recently that we have been helping him promote his books and courses online, via our digital agency services over at “”

We recently did an experiment with a “mini-launch” to a small chatbot list we had grown for him by emailing his existing contacts. The aim was to demonstrate the power of chatbots to compliment email marketing.

His chatbot audience size was only 169 people

The mini launch we ran to this chatbot list consisted of 3 chatbot messenger sequences, with 3 complimentary emails and 3 short explanatory videos sent to these same people. The chatbot did the heavy lifting!

The result… 50 sales (we put the limit at 50 to create scarcity) of a $47/month recurring product, within 24 hours of opening the shoppingcart.

This screenshot is only part of the sales from his Stripe account, you can see from the time stamps how fast the sales came in.

Without a doubt, this was a huge success, even though the numbers are small, the actual metrics, optins, conversions and percentage profitability were incredible.

Right now he is refining his product to make it even better and we will be running a larger scale promotion in the coming months.

If you sell information online I strongly recommend you look at complimenting your marketing with chatbots.

Connect with us and we can how you how.