2019 Is The Year Chatbots Come of Age

Chatbots are on the rise, big time. And 2019 is likely to be a very important year for increased adoption.

Gartner has predicted that, by 2020, more of us will be speaking to chatbots than we will be our own families

It’s also estimated that over the next 5 years, approximately 80% of the communications businesses have with their customers will be done using chatbots, with an estimated 40% by the end of 2019

They are becoming more intelligent and more human-like, and without question… if you are not using them in your marketing, you are going to miss out big time.

Here’s a great image curated from this fantastic article by “Chat Bots Life” which shows the difference in a sales funnel using a website and email compared to a chatbot funnel.

Why Bots Are Better For Marketing…

Using bots makes it easier to get leads, and open rates and click-through rates are MUCH higher than email, which means that cost per lead and therefore advertising costs are reduced, and…

…we are seeing sales conversions increase consistently.

If you’d like to know how you can implement bots on your site then connect with us, and lets chat.