About Us

JustChatBots.com is a specialist “chatbot marketing agency” launched in late 2018 by digital marketing agency 8services.com

We specialize in building Facebook Messenger chatbots for marketing, that help businesses get more leads, communicate better and generate more sales.

Because “chatbots” are producing such strong results whenever they are applied to lead generation, online advertising, sales conversions, audience building and most any other metric you choose to measure…

…it became clear to us that many online businesses could produce an almost instant improvement in results if they knew how to apply messenger chatbots correctly!

However, it is not easy to do. There is a significant learning curve. You need to know things like…

  • Which chatbot platform to use and why
  • How to tie chatbots into your existing marketing so it all works together
  • How to write “copy” for messenger (it’s very different than email)
  • How to combine messaging with email marketing
  • How to make your Facebook ads work directly with messenger
  • How to use chatbots responsibly (Facebook has restrictions in plce to ensure there is no abuse)
  • And so much more…!

That’s why we started JustChatBots.com, to be the trusted partner to help you implement this exciting technology!

So, if you run a business and generate leads or sales online, speak to us and we’ll show you how you can use chatbots to increase your own results.